How to Join “The Grind Network”


  1. Select Join Our Network.

  2. Select a Membership Option (Monthly or Yearly).

  3. Complete the Registration Form.

  4. You should be redirected to the payment page to make your payment and your selection should appear in your cart.

  5. Either pay with Google Pay or proceed to check out.

  6. After making your payment. You can Enjoy your new membership. Log in and create your new membership profile.

  7. Be sure to add your profile picture and banner.

  8. Once your profile is completed with a photo and a banner, it is populated and included with other networking members in our Membership Directory.  Your branded network and communication platform all in one.

  9. Check out the member activity and forums to communicate with others.  Post questions, share your business expertise, offers and/or promotions. Share best practices, chime in on conversations and post questions.  Your net worth is your network….so get busy growing your platform.