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     …because the work don’t stop for ENTREPRENEURS

     …because the work don’t stop for ENTREPRENEURS

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Meet & Greet the last Sunday of every month. Join our GroupMe for updates. Next Brunch gathering is Sunday, May 22nd. Reserve your space. Register Now!
Sizzle with Sana on May 15th @ 3pm to discuss "Black Owned Businesses In the US Cities: The Challenges, Solutions and Opportunities for Prosperity". Register now to join the Book Club on GroupMe. Download the App and search for "Sizzle With Sana". She's hot when it comes to Black History and trust that she's ready.
"I have put a lot of time and money into other networking groups and I never made a connection."
"Being a member of The Grind Network provides me with the information and connections that I need."
"I'm looking to partner and work with people of color with integrity striving for success just like me"

Why Choose Us

A New Generation of Black and Brown Businesses

Are you a self-employed business professional with a long schedule and tight deadlines?  Do you wear many hats and everyday is a hustle? Are you finding that the 24 hours provided in a day is not enough time to accomplish all the items on your to-do list?  Do you also find that despite all of the demands of Entrepreneurship, you are committed, motivated and determined to reach goals?

        If you’ve answered YES to these questions, you have been on your “GRIND”  and this network is here to offer support. 

We respect the GRIND and since we understand the lifestyle of  Black and Brown entrepreneurship we created “The Grind Network” a customized professional support system for like minded individuals.  As a paid member, you will have access to resources and information at your fingertips.  No more internet based searches or cold calls to seek a product or service you can trust.  Trust “The Grind Network” because we have vetted our members and aligning you with financial analysts, graphic designers, creative designers, insurance and travel consultants, health care and legal advocates, medical professionals, real estate agents and brokers, event planners, automotive technicians, culinary specialist, administrative support, personal assistants, spa & beauty, home improvement, lifestyle gurus and a host of other business professionals.


Membership Benefits

  • Access to webinars, workshops, meetings and conferences
  • Ways to improve and promote your business
  • Member Directory Listing
  • Access to Growth Tips, Members and Clients
  • Proactive Referrals
  • Additional visibility and creditability
  • Additional Subcommittees and Forums
  • Economic Growth and Professional development

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