The Grind Network is a group of like minded individuals sharing information, data and resources through a secured membership. 

The benefits of membership will provide you with:

  • Direct access to a community of other entrepreneurs;
  • Complimentary subscription to The Grind a periodic electronic newsletter;
  • Participation in forums and discussion groups of mutual interests, issues and entrepreneurial challenges;
  • Access to the membership directory;
  • Professional development workshops, retreats, seminars and webinars;
  • An informed perspective on personal and professional development.

The cost of membership is based on a monthly fee of $19.99.    There is a discount offered for those who wish to register for an annual subscription of $199.  All annual subscribers are featured in The Grind Highlights with an advertisement of his or her business.  

We host seminars, webinars, meetings, workshops and conferences for The Grind Network members.  On occasion we invite non-members.    

You can register by visiting our registration page and completing the form.  You will receive an emailed notification.  Although payment is requested during your registration, it will NOT be processed until your membership has been approved. 

You may cancel anytime by emailing

If your password has been forgotten, click “forgot my password” at the sign in page and follow the prompts to be restored. 

There is only one account per email.  In order to have more than one log in you would have to pay for more than one account and use a different email address. 

Your membership will expire either 90 days after your registration date if you’ve have a quarterly subscription or 365 days after your registration date if you have an annual subscription.  All memberships are set with an auto-renewal unless you cancel.  

Your membership dues may be considered tax deductible as necessary business expenses. 

No. Memberships are not transferable. 

Every member has a log in.  Log into your account and select “edit profile”. You may make edits from this screen. 

Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and Google Pay. 

The profile picture should be 190×190.

You profile must have a profile picture and cover photo to be visible.  This is a networking community and the first step in marketing and advertising is being visible.  It is impossible to be introduced when you have no name.  Please update your profile account as soon as possible.    

We encourage every member to rate the service and experience of others by using the 5 Star Review system ranging from one to five. Every business should strive for 5 Stars and be mindful of the customer service and importance of quality service. 

The social activity available on this platform is very much like Facebook.  You will have a profile picture, cover photo, ability to post on your wall (here called your activity page), access to friends to follow and the ability to send private messaging.  You can strategically use your wall to post things about your business or drop questions of things you may need assistance with.  Members will respond to your posts or opt to send you private messaging to offer support and/or information.  Every business has a category, it is helpful for you to associate yourself with others with the same craft to find strength and support in similar areas. 

There is no set number. We encourage you to build your network with popularity and 5 Star ratings. 

When logged in you will find a bell in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.  Within the bell a number will identify how many notifications you may have waiting.  You will also receive email notifications when someone is following you, have messaged you, have posted on your activity page or responded to your post. These options are controlled in the “My Account” tab on your profile page.  Look for the gear icon located next to your name. 

The items listed in the FAQ section is constantly growing and based on frequently asked questions. Just because your question may not have been frequently asked doesn’t mean it isn’t important to us.  We invite you to visit the contact us page and submit your entry there.  A trusted source from your membership team will respond to your concerns.