The Grind Network was birthed from the mindset of a self-employed business owner, operating on full throttle to maintain the business while managing a lifestyle and/or other tasks. Hence named “Grinder”, we’re so busy with ensuring the wheels are turning and things are happening to further grow our establishment. Well the Grind Network is full of busy, committed, passionate and talented individuals (we defined as GRINDERS) with a product or service. As a Grinder, we understand the language, we understand our challenges, limitation and sacrifices.

The Grind Network understands the business acumen and have strategized to create a community to support the busy entrepreneur.  This concept was founded on key principles that drive competence, demonstrate character, improve efficiency and company’s profitability.  Our network enables our different experiences to offer a learning platform, saving time, providing resources and generating business success.

Professional and personal development is here. We’re stronger together through this power source. Join Us!

Sharing information, data and resources through a secured membership of entrepreneurial spirited and like minded individuals.

Dawn “Soy” Kamara, Network Founder, CEO and Committee Member

Author, speaker, catalyst and motivator has been providing consulting services since 2000 and has become a brand and people magnet.  Dawn provides professional development services that are uniquely created to increase product, improve morale and build confidence of individuals  within any team structure.  Her expertise lies in the areas of employee relations, leadership and management, training and development, organizational development, succession planning and team building. She provides onsite training, webinars and one on one coaching. Some of her most common sessions are Diversity and Sensitivity Training, Morale Booster, The I-Team, Impact, Understanding Leadership, Effective Communication, SMART Goals, Generational Gap and they come highly recommended. 

Sana D. Sims, Committee Member

CEO of Youneek Solutions, LLC,  and a retired Principal was born into a family of leaders and entrepreneurs. As a result of this background, Sana’s is very familiar with “The Grind” and lends her experience and expertise in education and management to improve and further develop small black business by improving communication and management. Sana is most passionate about sharing platforms and information that will highlight and unblock the pathway for  Black owned business leaders to truly learn who they are thus reducing the gap in Black wealth and educate entrepreneurs in  building and maintaining successful competitive businesses.

Dr. Stephanie Merrick, Committee Member

Dr. Stephanie Merrick is a strategic training consultant that cultivates and gains trust and provides expert knowledge to help organizations maximize their business results by keeping employees positively engaged. She is president and CEO of (SAS) Solutions Always Simple Consulting, a consulting company specializing in talent optimization. Prior to her career as a consultant, Stephanie spent over 20 years in human resource positions in a variety of environments ranging from small business to church organizations and in industries including healthcare, non-profit, professional services, and global platforms.  She holds a Master of Business Management from Troy University and a Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership and Organizational change from Walden University.  Dr. Merrick has a reputation of getting results, being resourceful, and the go to person.  She has a passion for lifelong learning and believes “If you want to follow your dreams be willing to be different”.

Terry Graham

Committee Member